Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is short that I helped animate in China at the CUC. I animated three shots. The turtle turning into a dear then kicking the wolf. The octopus chasing the crab and the cougar chasing the ostrich onto the motel sign. The crab was animated by fellow class mate Adam Kirk.

Between third and fourth year at Sheridan each student has to intern in an animation studio. I was fortunate to have spent my summer interning at the (CUC) Communication University of China. This is a panorama I took in the 798 art district.
Apollos Mission, the story of man with a dream to accomplish the impossible.

During third year each class was broken up into two groups. Each group developed a story that was made into a film. Working with a team of friends was amazing and very rewarding. I learned quite a bit about film pipelines and the needs and expectations of animation production. A great experience that I hope to have again someday.